• Beef Roganjosh with Rice

    Classic beef curry cooked in yogurt and a blend of fragrant spices.

  • Beef Khorma

    Beef cooked in creamy cashew sauce with spices & herbs.

  • Beef Tikka Masala

    Beef cooked with tikka masala sauce.

  • Beef Vindaloo (Spicy)

    Highly seasoned beef cooked with potato, spicy tangy sauce herbs and spices.

  • Beef Fry

    Beef cooked with black pepper, fresh onion, herbs & spices.

  • Beef Varatharachathu

    Beef cooked with fried coconut masala, spices and herbs.

  • Beef Roast

    Beef cooked with fresh onion, tomato, special Roast masala, herbs & spices.

  • Malabar Beef Curry

    Beef cooked with special Malabar masala with coconut milk.

  • Beef Stew (White Curry)

    Beef cooked with coconut milk, herbs & dried spices.

  • Beef Saag (Spinach)

    Beef cooked with spinach, tomato, onion & SPICES.

  • Beef Khadai

    Beef cooked with bell pepper, onion, spices, herbs & spices.

  • Beef Curry

    Beef cooked with onion & tomato based sauce, Herbs & Spices.

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